Peer to Peer lending is one of the most sought after financial products of 21st century. A method of debt financing that enables individuals to borrow and lend money – without the use of any financial intermediary such as a bank or other traditional financial institution.

It enables lenders & borrowers to interact directly on the platform to negotiate the rates and discuss the terms & conditions of the loan. In P2P lending, borrowers will get lower cost of loans and lenderswill earn higher returns by directly lending to their peers.

FundingHub offers online marketplace for borrowers & lenders to transact their loans by directly interacting for agreeing on interest rates &other terms of the loans. FundingHub charges a nominal registration fees from borrowers & lenders. You can lend / borrow from any individual who is member of FundingHub in any  part of city / town in India. FundingHub ensures door to door services are provided for completing the documentation of the loan transaction irrespective of city you stay through our branch networks by saving time & money for you.

The loan amount will be paid directly by the Lender to the borrower and in turn borrower will pay monthly / quarterly installments to the lenders directly. FundingHub does not earn any interest in your transaction there by getting you the best rate in the market at lowest cost. You save the amount that financial institutions charge to cover their high overheads of managing the huge institution / company.