How it works

  • FundingHub provides an online marketplace for borrowers and lenders to interact and agree on their own terms for loan transaction. Borrowers may require funds for personal or business use, while lenders may be seeking higher returns than traditional forms of finance. Borrowers & Lenders can be from any major cities or tier 1 cities where we have branch operations for hassle free & transparent process.

    The process @ FundingHub

    • Once an individual or entity registers on our online marketplace, we carry out a thorough verification of all the details provided by the borrower / lender. This verification is similar to the KYC processes carried out by any bank / financial institution to fulfill RBI /SEBI norms.
    • We conduct physical verification of the borrower’s residence& office as well as crosscheck their documents with multiple databases to prove validity. Therefore, lenders can be assured that all borrowers that appear on the platform are authentic and have been verified to the best of our ability.
    • We evaluate each borrower on multiple parameters which include screening of personal, financial and professional details to name a few. Verified creditworthy borrowers are then listed on our platform. The lenders are free to choose borrowers based on their risk appetite. Every investor invests a small portion in any borrowing need.
    • We at FundingHub have a stringent credit verification process to minimize the risk of probable defaults.
    • Both borrowers & lenders act based on their own discretion without any intervention from our end and strike a deal with multiple peers.
    • Based on the agreement between borrowers & lenders and official go-ahead by both of them, a formal loan agreement is executed by the parties.
    • Lender will transfer the loan amount to the borrower and borrower will pay installment through postdatedcheques or online transfer (ECS) to the lender for the tenure of the loan.
    • The installment will be paid on 7thor 10th of every month by the borrower to the lender.
    • In case of default or non-payment of installment by the borrower, the borrower will pay Rs.200/- as default charges & penal interest @24% p.a. for the default period. In addition to this borrower will also pay processing charges of Rs.400/- to FundingHub.


    FundingHub do not involve in –

    • Any collection of deposits money from either borrower or lender. All monetary transactions are directly between the two parties. We do not act as intermediary in the actual money transferring process.
    • Any decisions to lend on this portal as it is entirely at the discretion of potential lenders.
    • Guaranteeing fixed or minimum rate of returns to any lender. Nor do we not guarantee the principal amount to lenders.
    • Ranking or rating any borrower or lender. However, we do allow fellow members to peer review others through the information provided on profile of each member.
    • Giving any financial advice or recommendations to either borrowers or lenders on our platform. We encouraged members to make their own researched decisions and transact accordingly, free of any coercion or any form of influence from us.

    Funding and re-payment of installment

    Transfer of money takes place through cheques / NEFT / Net banking / ECS. Lenders are required to directly pay to the borrowers through cheque / online transfer and the Borrowers are required to issues Post Dated Cheques (PDCs) or ECS directly in the name of lenders.


    If you have further queries, feel free to CONTACT US and interact.

  • Minimum & Maximum Loan Amount

    Minimum Loan amount will be Rs.50000/- and maximum can be Rs.5,00,000/-

    Minimum Investment Amount

    Minimum investment amount will be Rs.25000/- and lender can invest maximum Rs.25000/- in one loan transaction as a part of spreading the risk.


    Tenure of loan / investment can be 6, 12, 18, 24, 36, 48 months