About Us

Peer to peer lending is a significant breakthrough in the Financial Industry. Never before has there been such an easy and honest way to connect those of us who need a loan to those of us with extra funds to lend. Using the medium of the online community, everyday people are sidestepping the banking industry to lend money to each other at the lowest interest rates in history.

Fundinghub is one of the best Peer to peer lending marketplace platforms in the India.We reward people who are good with their money by providing low rate loans and high interest returns.

Fundinghub is the only marketplace in India which provide protection to the lenders on their investments.

Through us you can borrow personal loans from Rs.50,000–Rs.5 lakh for duration of 6 – 36 months and become a lenderby investing anything from Rs.50000 onward.

Fundinghub is promoted by Suhel Inamdar who has 20 years of professional experience in Banking & Financial Services.